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Do I need a construction permit?

Do I need a construction permit? Despite the variations in legal requirements, the answer to this question is generally pretty straightforward. In 2020, statistics showed that home service expenditures, on average among households that completed a home project, were about $13,138. Here’s an overview of what you need to know.

Construction Permits – Why You Need Them

Before you begin your construction project, it’s essential to know whether or not you need a permit. Permits help keep our community safe, and they ensure that contractors have been vetted. They also give you access to city officials who can help with problems or disputes as your construction project progresses.

The Four Types of Construction Permits

Check with your municipality to know if you need one of the four construction permits. Obtaining a permit usually involves getting approval from the local authorities and filling out several applications with detailed information about the project. The types and why you’d need them are listed below:

  • General Use – This permit is for work that isn’t covered by any other permit type, for example, general construction, fences, and decks.
  • Mechanical/Plumbing – This is for any mechanical or plumbing equipment work.
  • Electrical – This is for electrical work, including installing wiring, outlets, and light fixtures.

Particular Occupancy – If you’re building an apartment complex or other multi-unit dwelling, you may need a special occupancy permit.

Three Benefits of Having A Construction Permit


  • It will ensure that your construction stays within the law and conforms with all zoning laws, building codes, and other regulations.
  • It will protect you from potential legal issues stemming from building codes or zoning law violations.
  • It ensures that you have the proper channels for obtaining any future permits you may need.


Equipment Rental for DIY Project

Equipment rental is crucial for many DIY projects, particularly those that require large amounts of physical labor. Rental companies allow you to rent equipment ranging from power tools to ladders and scaffolding.

If you’re planning on doing the heavy lifting, it’s wise to hire a professional; however, in cases where you don’t have much workforce, opting for equipment rental can save your wallet.

It is now clear that a construction permit can save time and money, so you should think about it when your home or business is remodeled. Equipment rental will come in handy to save you on all costs involved.

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