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Most Common Items Used in Tool and Equipment Rental

Whether you’re in the construction industry or you’re simply a curious DIY enthusiast, you may be wondering what the most common items in tool and equipment rental are. These are the tools that must always be available regardless of the season since they’re widely applicable. Read on to see what some of these tools are so that if you have a construction company, you can stock up on them.


Forklifts have a large number of applications and, as such, they’re a highly sought-after piece of equipment. Many contractors who don’t have this heavy equipment will rent it for use on any of a number of projects that involve lifting and moving heavy and bulky materials around their construction sites. Any tool and equipment rental worth its salt is bound to have a few forklifts available to rent.


From changing faulty light bulbs to raising construction equipment a story higher, there are a number of applications for lifts. There are also different types of lifts to choose from, including electric lifts, boom lifts, and even lift trucks. The right lift for a person will depend on details such as how high they need to lift, the power source they will use for the lift, and the other activities that are to accompany the lifting, if any.


Excavators are another popular heavy equipment that can be rented out to do demolition, earthmoving, underground excavation, debris removal, material handling, in forestry, and more. As such, there are different types of excavators, with two of the most popular ones being mechanical excavators and hydraulic excavators. Choosing the right one can make a big difference in the ease and efficiency with which one can complete their project.

Skid Steers

Skid steers can be used in both the agriculture and construction industries, and so they are among the most popular tools in the tool and equipment rental industry. They can also be used to clear snow off the roads or off a job site if the weather is not particularly severe. It’s easy to see why they would be among the popular equipment rented by both companies and individuals.

According to HomeAdvisor, the total spending by homeowners on home services to complete home projects was an average of $13,138 per household. This is a large number of projects and it shows that the tools and equipment rental industry is thriving. If you’re looking for equipment you can rely on, contact Ramco Rental today!

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