What to Know Before Renting Landscaping Equipment

According to HomeAdvisor, homeowners spent an average of $13,138 on home improvement projects in 2020. Equipment rental is a great way to reduce the cost of home projects, but you should know a few things before you rent. If you plan to rent landscaping equipment, keep these tips in mind.

Make Sure You Follow the Rental Requirements

Rental companies want to keep equipment in good condition for renters, which is why they have rules and requirements. It’s important to read through these rules before you rent. You should also check the company’s hours and return policy. Note that many companies ask renters to clean equipment before it’s returned. If you’re unsure of how to clean equipment properly, ask ahead of time. That way, when returned, you can ensure the equipment is in pristine condition.

Prep Your Yard Before You Rent

While renting equipment can be more cost effective than buying, you’ll only have the equipment for a limited time. You can make the most of that time by doing some prep work before picking up your equipment. Take the time to clear away leaves, twigs, and other debris on your lawn. Water your lawn a few days before the project. Depending on the project that you’re planning, you may also want to mow your lawn. If you take care of these things ahead of time, you’ll be able to get more out of your equipment rental.

Confirm You Have Everything You Need

Even if you’re renting heavy equipment, you’ll likely need to pick up some supplies before your landscaping project. If you’re laying sod, it’s a good idea to have topsoil on hand. Before you aerate your lawn, confirm you have fertilizer and aeration flags. It’s also smart to pick up basic safety supplies, like protective goggles and gardening gloves.

It’s frustrating to run out to grab supplies in the middle of a project, especially when you’ve rented equipment. Create a list of everything you’ll need for your project. Make sure you grab essential supplies before you rent any equipment. Advance planning can help you avoid headaches down the road.

While landscaping projects can be expensive, equipment rental can be an excellent way to save. Renting equipment is much more affordable than buying, especially if you only use the equipment for a small project. If you follow this advice, your next project should go smoothly. Contact Ramco Rental Inc. today to learn more about your rental options.

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