What Tools Do I Need to Install Carpet?

Home renovations are common and come in a wide range of styles and types. The top three completed home projects are bathroom remodels, interior painting, and installing new flooring, and all can be made easier with the right tools and equipment. When the time comes to seriously consider new carpet installation in your home, many people think that it is a job best left to the professionals. While this might be true in cases for homeowners who do not feel confident in their abilities, with the right tools this does not have to be the case. Working with a local tool and equipment rental company can make any home renovation and repair project, such as installing carpets, easier. They can offer a range of high-quality flooring equipment rentals to make any project doable.

Top Tool and Equipment Rental Services Needed for Carpet Installation

Several important tools can be utilized to make any carpet installation project easier, including the following.

Carpet Trimmer: Carpet is made of tough materials and is much too thick to cut with regular scissors or cutters. A specially designed carpet trimmer is a must-have piece of flooring equipment to make installation easier. It will allow you to cut your carpet quickly and neatly to size with ease. No matter how large or small the space or how intricate the floor plan may be, this trimmer can get the job done.

Power Stretcher and Knee Kicker: One of the most difficult parts of carpet installation is rolling out the heavy rolls and stretching the carpet. These tools make this critical step much easier. Proper stretching ensures a smooth and uniform look with no bubble or wrinkles. These tools allow for fast stretching and securing of the carpet and saves you from tedious stretching little by little, all by hand.

Seaming Iron and Roller: Sometimes carpet pieces must be fitted together, especially when carpeting larger rooms. These pieces have to be fitted and sealed together to hold them in place and ensure the ends do not fray. This piece of flooring equipment heats the edges and bottom of the carpet pieces, so they stick together and seal in place for a durable and long-lasting finish.

Closing Thoughts About Tool and Equipment Rental Services

As you can see, while there are specific tools needed to properly install new carpeting in your home, it is not beyond the scope of a DIY project. Having access to the right tools makes all the difference, so be sure to look for the best tool and equipment rental available before you begin your installation project.

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