Winter is Coming: Projects to Complete Before the Big Freeze

Home improvement spending in the U.S. increases every year. The average cost of home improvement in the country was $8,305 in 2020. It surpassed the average expenditure in 2019 by $745 across 2.77 projects. Home improvement is usually made before winter to prepare for the cold temperatures. Here are projects to complete before the big freeze.

1. Insulate Your Water Pipes

Low temperatures during winter can freeze your water pipes. Frozen pipes can burst and cause leaks. They can also cut your water supply. It is recommendable to insulate your water pipes before winter. Cover pipes in unheated spaces using effective insulators like foam pipes. Insulating your water pipes before winter will prevent potential damages.

2. Upgrade Your Insulation

Poor insulation during winter can be a nightmare. Inspect your insulation before winter and upgrade it if it has any issues. Use tool and equipment rental to inspect your insulation and remove any accumulating dust and debris. Also, remove any small animals like mice and spiders that might have inhabited your air or heat ducts. Proper insulation is essential in keeping your home warm and lowering energy bills during winter.

3. Prepare the Flooring

Preparing your flooring for winter is essential because the types of materials you use will determine how warm your house will be during the cold months. If you have laminate flooring, consider replacing it with warmer options like wood, tile, or vinyl plank floorings. Better still, you can lay carpets and rugs on your flooring to make it warmer during the cold months.

4. Clear Your Gutters

Gutters can be easily blocked by leaves, dust, and other debris, which can damage your draining system. It is advisable to clear your gutters using tool and equipment rental before winter. Replace your gutters if they have any holes or cracks. New or cleared gutters can withstand extreme winter conditions.

5. Add Warm Lighting

You can also use lighting to warm up your house. Add several warmer lighting to your house before winter. The lighting will make your home warmer and enjoyable to stay in when it freezes outside.

Failure to adequately prepare your home before winter can result in severe damage to your property. Therefore, the few months preceding winter is the right time to finish projects that will make your home safe and warm during winter. Look for tool and equipment rental to complete the projects or contact professionals to help you with your projects.

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