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3 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Renting Equipment

Construction equipment can be incredibly expensive, which is why many businesses opt to go with tool and equipment rental. Due to this need, equipment rental has become a lucrative field. According to Global Market Insights, in 2022, the market for equipment rental was more than $150 billion. This equipment can be easy to rent, but it’s important to remember the dangers when putting it to use. Here are three safety tips you should keep in mind when you rent equipment.

1. Inspect the Equipment

Make sure your equipment is in good shape before you start putting it to use. Check for cracked hoses, fuel leaks, flat tires, and flashing warning systems. If you see any issues, you should return your equipment, since you don’t want to have a dangerous situation on your hands. Your rental company will want you to have quality tools, so they will be happy to replace any broken or damaged equipment.

2. Know What Type of Machinery You Are Getting

When you rent this equipment, make sure you know exactly what it does, or that the person who is going to be operating it is very familiar with it. Using the machinery without proper knowledge could cause a catastrophic accident that could end in injuries or worse. The extra time spent on learning about your equipment will be well worth it in the long run. Even if you have used the machinery in the past, it wouldn’t hurt to take a refresher course in case there have been any changes made over the years.

3. Don’t Push the Machinery Past Its Limits

Just like you would take care when driving a rental car, you should also be very careful with rented equipment. Don’t try to lift more weight than your equipment is rated for and don’t try to do work in bad weather. This could result in damaged equipment, injured workers, or both. It’s always best to err on the side of caution. Otherwise, you could be facing costly mistakes.

If you use your head and take the necessary precautions, equipment rental will make completing your project a breeze. Are you interested in finding out more about tool and equipment rental? Contact the experts at Ramco Rental Inc. today to find the tool that’s right for your job!

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