Top 5 Landscaping Tools & Supplies for Contractors

A professional landscaping renovation can help to add value to a property by improving its curb appeal and supporting outdoor living space. According to Forbes, the three most commonly done home projects are new flooring installation, interior painting, and remodeling bathrooms. Fortunately, in this day and age, many contractors also can provide landscaping services without purchasing a ton of equipment. Here are five outdoor tools that any contractor should consider renting to increase their range of services.

1. Bed Edger

A bed edger helps to create a clean break between the lawn and other outdoor structures by removing a very narrow strip of soil and grass. Run a bed edger along the outer perimeter of driveways, walkways, and garden beds to keep weeds and grass from encroaching upon their borders. A bed edger also helps to create sharp and well-defined lines that improve a lawn’s look.

2. Powered Lawn Aerator

Sometimes, the soil and turf need a little help in nourishing and supporting the grass. A powered lawn aerator can place identical holes in the turf that are several inches deep. The holes enable water, fertilizer, and nutrients to enter the soil and feed the roots of the grass. The lawn can become thicker and lusher, and the holes eventually close.

3. High Weed and Brush Mower

It takes an especially durable and tall mower to make quick work of tall weeds and thick brush. A brush mower helps to clear land and makes it harder for pests to find breeding grounds. The mower also is great for knocking down tall weeds that often hide mosquitoes and field mice.

4. Wood Chipper

A wood chipper is an essential tool for turning brush, tree limbs, and tree branches into usable mulch and wood chips. Whenever removing a downed tree or clearing land for a lawn or garden, a wood chipper allows you to reuse the wood for creating beds for trees, shrubs, and other features. You can rent one as needed and get a lot of hard work done faster.

5. Stump Grinder

A stump grinder also is one of the better landscaping equipment and supplies for contractors to rent. You may infrequently have to remove a dead or fallen tree that leaves a large stump. The stump grinder can grind down large stumps quickly and safely.

You can call or visit us to rent the landscaping equipment you might need! If you’re still unsure, ask a sales representative on what are the best supplies for contractors.

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