6 Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Considering Equipment Rental

According to HomeAdvisor’s 2020 Home Spending Report, the average household spending on home services rose to $13,138, up nearly $4000 from the previous year. Home improvement spending in 2020 averaged $8,305, representing a $745 year-on-year increase. 41% of respondents said they spent more on home improvement to better suit their houses to their lifestyle.

As home improvement projects skyrocket to record highs, the demand for equipment rental continues to surge in tandem too. Renting a tool or equipment reduces the costs involved in the purchase and maintenance of your own machinery.

But how do you choose the right tools for your project? Here are six key factors to consider when thinking about equipment rental.

1. Project Scope and Size

You may need to assess your equipment rental needs before signing the contract. You may need to identify the tools and machines to help you complete your project safely and in time. Consulting with a Marion equipment rental company first can prevent you from bringing in equipment you will not use. Think through the project timeline. You may need to figure out the period that you will rent out the equipment.

2. Availability

You may need to find out if the equipment rental company has the tool or machinery you wish to rent out. A quick check on their website may reveal the different services and equipment they have up for rent. Additionally, you may need to inquire if the tool will be available during the period you wish to utilize it in your project.

3. Expertise

Most tool and equipment rentals only offer the machinery, with an operator coming at an extra cost. You may need to ensure that you have the requisite skill and expertise to operate specific equipment before renting it out. It may help reduce accidents associated with the improper use of the tool. You can inquire if the equipment rental company offers any training on the use of the equipment that you want. If you are unsure of your skillset, it’s advisable to leave the operation of the machinery to a specialist.

4. Costs Involved

You may need to think through the expenses in hiring out the contractor supplies. Consider the rental period and the charges for the different equipment. You can shop around for Marion tool rental companies requesting itemized quotations. Inquire about who covers the cost of repairs if the machinery breaks down in the middle of your project. Find a company that offers affordable rates that fit within your budget estimate.

5. Condition of Equipment Upon Pick Up

When considering equipment rental, you want to ensure that the equipment being handed over to you is in good condition. Check it immediately before leaving a rental center and make several notes about its condition. If there are any visible or even seemingly subtle damages or scratches, mention them when checking out. If they’re not important as far as your project is concerned, just inform the staff member on duty to avoid any problems later. If you find any damages or repairs that need to be done before using a piece of equipment, make sure that it is addressed immediately.

6. Renter’s Reputation

The equipment rental company that you pick may have a significant impact on your rental experience. You may need to find a renter with excellent customer service, quickly responding to any queries you may have on the rental contract, machine operation, or item availability. You can assess their service quality by checking reviews from past clients. The comments, testimonials, and complaints can help you know what to expect by working with a specific renter.

Equipment rental goes a long way in bridging the technological gap in home improvement project tools. The tips above can help you find the equipment that you need for a successful DIY. For more information on tool and equipment rental in Marion, reach out to Ramco Rental, Inc.

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  1. Thanks for posting this informative article! You’ve made it clear that renting for a short period can be dramatically cheaper than purchasing and maintaining equipment.

  2. It’s great that you explained what to consider when renting heavy equipment for a project. Next month, my cousin would like to rent a crane to install a pool in his backyard, so I think he’d benefit from reading your renting tips. Thanks for the insight on asking a rental company about their availability.

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  4. It’s great that you’ve highlighted the crucial factors to consider when renting large machinery for a project. These are essential considerations for entrepreneurs when selecting the right heavy equipment rental for their business.

  5. While you suggested taking this into account while renting heavy machinery for a project, I thought it was fascinating. I believe my cousin will benefit from reading your rental advice as he plans to hire a crane to put a pool in his backyard next month. I appreciate your advice on finding out a rental company’s availability.

  6. Great article! Maintenance and support should never be overlooked, and understanding the rental terms is a must. This checklist will undoubtedly help businesses make informed decisions and maximize the benefits of equipment rentals. Thanks for the insights!

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