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3 Costly Mistakes To Avoid During Tool And Equipment Rental

Spending more time at home over the past year inadvertently forced homeowners to note little nuances around their properties that may require some attention. Home improvement projects have skyrocketed to record highs. The 2020 State of Home Spending report by HomeAdvisor shows that the top three projects were interior painting, bathroom remodeling, and installing new flooring over the last year.

Home renovation experts have had to find new find-to-find contractor supplies to meet the increasing demand. Tool and equipment rental is an excellent way to bridge the gap in technology. Sadly, DIY homeowners and home renovation contractors often make costly errors while renting, leading to a drastic rise in the project’s final costs.

Here are the three major mistakes you need to watch for during a tool and equipment rental.

1. Mistiming Your Rental Period

The construction equipment rentals provide you with access to certain tools and equipment for a specified period. Poor timing on your Marion equipment rental can have you pay for grounded machinery as you rush to complete the prep activities. You may need to figure out your project timeline to allow you to hire the equipment right when you need it.

You may need to determine your exact start date and have the equipment delivered right before you start working on your home. It is also vital to give advanced notice to tool and equipment rental companies for a flawless booking. You may also need to account for the weather. Certain weather conditions can slow or delay your project completion, affecting your rental period.

2. Renting the Wrong Equipment Type and Size

Another common tool and equipment rental mistake is picking out the wrong machine for the job. Homeowners often ignore the suggestions made by the rental company, bringing home gadgets that they cannot use. You may need to identify the machinery that will help you complete your project safely and promptly.

You may need to define the scope of work and match it with the correct tools. Additionally, you may need to figure out the specialty tools required for the project such as drills, augers, or rakes. You may also need to define the dimensions of your worksite to effectively bring in a machine that will fit. You may utilize the dealer’s expertise to picking out the right machine for your project.

3. Brushing Over Safety Protocols

A survey by the National Safety Council found out that one in every four homeowners that attempted a DIY ended up injuring themselves or a member of the family. Hiring equipment without proper knowledge of its operations or following the safety protocols laid down can result in injuries. You should not operate any machinery that you are not competent or familiar with. Additionally, you need to also ensure that the Marion tool rental provides quality equipment without any safety risks. It is also vital to wear the right protective gear when operating specific tools.

Renting top-quality equipment is key to completing a successful home improvement project. Avoiding the three mistakes above can help you save money and time on your investment. For more information on tool and equipment rental in Marion, reach out to Ramco Rental, Inc.

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