The Best Supplies for Any Home Renovation

There’s an American Rental Association study that shows just how common renting equipment in the construction industry is. About 93% of respondents admitted to having rented equipment in 2019.

This may not be so surprising considering that it’s simply impossible to do a good job in the construction industry without the right contractor supplies. Now that home renovations are at an all-time high, having the best supplies is now more important than ever. That being so, here are some top contractor supplies you need to know.


A blowtorch is handy in all sorts of industries, including the construction, building, plumbing, and welding, and metal fabrication industry. Its applications are diverse, making it a great investment to have on hand. Typically, it’s used to weld steel and cut metals or cast iron using a flame. That’s because a blowtorch uses highly combustible gases like propane to generate a flame that’s hot enough to cut or mold metal. It has many advantages over a grinder or jigsaw, such as the ability to cut thick metals faster and more efficiently.

Non-contact Voltage Tester

It’s common for contractors, especially electricians to work with electricity. This is one of the best contractor supplies to have because it ensures job site safety. Since it protects against electrical shocks, it’s possible for technicians to work without anxiety. As the name suggests, a non-contact voltage tester does not need to be in contact with an object to produce voltage readings. It’s easy to use and some models even come with a built-in flashlight to increase safety in low-light environments.

Line Laser Level

Contractors often need to level surfaces, check heights, and make sure objects are aligned. Therefore, a line laser level is a perfect tool to have around. In simple terms, this device uses a diode to project a ray of light horizontally or vertically. Unlike traditional spirit levels, a line laser level tends to be more accurate over long distances. Plus, you can opt for some convenient and time-saving models that are self-leveling.

Hearing Protection

Construction sites are well known for being hives of activities with lots of loud sounds happening. Some sounds can be deafening, which necessitates the need for quality hearing protection. For instance, contractors need earplugs and earmuffs when using power tools to saw, drill, or cut. Wearing proper hearing protection not only prevents startled movements but also ensures that workers can focus better while on the job.

Now that you know some of the best contractor supplies to have, be sure to bring them to your job site. They’ll not only make your life easier, but they can save time and keep you safe.

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